The class was eager to get the day started and hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunrise on the beautiful Costa Rican Pacific Coast. We were welcomed with a nice low tide, exposing some infaunal species and gorgeous colors in the early morning sky. After breakfast we met with our new UNA biology students friends. We will be working hand-in-hand will these research partners during our stay in Playa Grande. In the afternoon we trudged through a maze of mangroves and learned the field methods that we will be working with tomorrow.

Students (and faculty) out exploring the area 

Up next: a cultural experience in the town of Santa Cruz!

Fun fact: Whistling-thorn trees house a species of ants that seem to share a symbiotic relationship. If the tree is threatened, the ants may act viciously- so beware!

Please enjoy some of the photos we took while we got acquainted with our new friends from Costa Rica! 

Written by Patrick Costa

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