We started our day off leaving Arenal and La Fortuna and headed towards La Selva. On our way we stopped at Aguas Bravas for some river rafting. We split into four groups of five each lead by a guide and made the 9 mile ride down stream. 2D78A17D-1FBE-49D4-B965-DFAB6E4BA99FAAA85695-67D0-4316-B89D-A3D6EA6D4D05

Our guides taught us different paddle strokes and how to safely navigate the rapids. Along the way we had the chance to jump off a small cliff and swim in the river as well as taste some wild guava. After our adventure was over we were greeted by a wonderful lunch back at the rafting home front, Dr. R may have enjoyed an “ extra”snack.BF18D415-26E7-4EA4-94D4-4F3403B240FDB39C5872-9003-466F-9D2D-CFBCD00D0871


We then arrived at La Selva Biological Station , after settling into our rooms at the Tortuga bunk, we went on a short excursion. We learned that this forest is a second growth forest and only around 45 years old in some areas , however it has a high biomass. Along the way we encountered a two toes sloth! Did you know that two toed sloths are deaf and communicate by pheromones? We also saw peccaries and learned that these mammals are NOT pigs but more closesly related to tapirs.

We also saw a black river turtle from atop the bridge and a Great Tinamou! The highlight of our walk was the eyelash palm viper! A newly born viper perched eyelevel on a branch set back along the trail , it’s color was bright yellow and was a spectacular sight.CD64D697-7732-45D3-BB65-E4147D3B4E20 A6EBFCFC-AE7D-4C8A-9282-814B49416DE2

We will awake early in the morning to make our way back to the airport in Liberia where we will board a plane and fly home to CA! Our time in Costa Rica has been filled with memorable and educational moments that we will not soon forget!

Written by Emily Welsh

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