Today was out last full day of field work and our last day in playa Grande. The groups split up into 2 teams , one going to mist net for birds, and the second headed for the beach near the estuary to finish up microplastics.

Dr.Alvarado and Dr. Rodriguez along with Oscar led a group to mist net in the am near the mangroves. Mist netting is , during this a Yellow Olive Warblar , Cinanmon  Hummingbird, Motmot, and Great Kiskadee we captured. Once a bird was caught a measurement of wing span and weight was taken . They were also checked
for parasites, and their sex was documented.

Dorothy  lead a group in the early am to go fniish the microplastics work along the beach adjacent the estuary. We kept a close eye out for crocodiles during our time in the water. Students in this group fished , used cast nets and crabbed , they also did some citizen science and taught the next generarion of environmentalists about the dangers of plastic waste on our marine environment.

After lunch the group ventured into neighboring Tamarindo were student split into groups of 2-3 and helped complet3 crocodile surveys. They approached tourist visiting the Nicoya Peninsula and asked if they had previously been aware of the crocodiles that called the estuary their home and if they supported conservation efforts to protect them. Many of the surveryed tourist had no previous knowledge of crocs in the area and were very supportive of implementing protective measures pertaining to their conservation.

Sadly this was our final night with our Tico friends from La Una, we said our goodbyes and traded socialmedia information to stay in touch ! They were in for a 7-9 hour drive as earlier in the night the bridge collapsed causing major traffic in the area!

For us in Playa Grande we spent the night packing and saying goodbye to our first portion of the trip , it would be an early morning traveling to Las Baulas National Park, a day of hiking and cave exploring lay ahead!

Written by Emily Welsh

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