Today we said goodbye to Monteverde and traveled to Arenal! We left bright and earl at 8 am by bus and made our way through rolling green hills and valleys . Wind turbines, cows, horses and rivers dotting the landscape. Once we arrived at the boat launch we had to wait for a few minutes in que to board the boat. 60495844-A56A-424C-8E30-18C91C68C5AFE97B3A2B-7679-495B-BF9D-F8ECB481A739

The wind at the boat launch was strong and was producing whitecaps out in the lake. This made for quite an adventurous crossing that took approximately 1.5 hours. We took time to talk to fellow passengers from Ireland, Germany and America! A119D844-2B67-4A1A-9B27-E3787AA7AEA332E92CDA-4718-427C-AA27-AF2CE6F9CA5D

Once across the lake we departed for The Villas Eco Arenal , our home for the next two days . We traveled the short distance to the Villas , passing the Arenal Volcano and the local town of La Fortuna , which boasted many local artisan shops selling crafts, chocolates, and coffee!63C4AC60-7F84-46B7-BB0D-72ED2CFF5294

We arrived at the Villas and enjoyed lunch in the outdoor cafe. Homemade chicken soup, a typical casada plate ( rice, beans, salad and protein) and even some delicious arroz con leche were served. Students then had a short break to settl into our rooms. In just a short while we will hike the base of the Arenal Volcano.E1D19E4A-215C-4FCA-909B-28343E3F7D01FA9537C9-9F15-40E4-BA7F-454F9A037C1F

Written by Emily Welsh

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